13, 02, 2016


This week has been so hectic so it’s amazing to have Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year – means I have time to get some last minute things together! We don’t tend to go out on Valentine’s day either because let’s be honest, dining out with the rest of the world is hardly romantic. I much prefer a nice night in with some good food, wine and (obviously) plenty of chocolate. So having the whole day tomorrow to just enjoy being together is going to be great.

We are also currently planning a trip to Edinburgh next much so any suggestions for food, places to see, things to do would be much appreciated!


Although Valentine’s Day is typically characterised by deep red (kind of gothic looking) red roses, I am a much bigger fan of  white roses (no, not just because of my white obsession), I just find them much softer, prettier, delicate… and photogenic!

I found this heart-shaped plate at the White Company a few months ago and I love it so much I couldn’t help but whip it out for some Valentine’s vibes.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day tomorrow! X

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