24, 01, 2016

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I must admit I’m embarrassed by how long it’s been since I last posted (again). And I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions – and I know it’s a bit late – but this year my resolution is to FINALLY try to post regularly.

So as this is my first post of 2016, I felt it was important to document the big events of this New Year (so far).

  1. A few weeks ago I started my new job as an Intern at a brand consultancy here in London. So far so good, except for having to get dressed everyday. It turns out that when one spends months lounging around in comfy clothes and pretending active wear or ‘athleisure’ is in vogue, one tends to forget how to create normal outfits. In my defence, “business casual” is a terribly ambiguous dress code.
  2. I also graduated from my Masters Degree this week and my parents came to visit (they stayed with my boyfriend and I at our flat in London – yikes!).
  3. I got my first flu of 2016 and it is the worst. Hot lemon water and kleenex on repeat.

I’d like to think these are the reasons why I’ve been lousy at posting but to be honest, I think I’ve just been tired and lazy. Seriously, why is this blogging business so daunting? Anyways, once I’ve kicked the cold I swear I will start posting. At least I swear I’ll try 😉

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